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Corrupted sound files after unexplainable crash


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So, Videopad crashed unexpectedly while I had it in the background, so I restored what I was working on, and all the audio I had recorded was corrupt (it showed a rectangle instead of the audio squiggles it normally showed when you look at an audio file in Videopad), thus inaudible. I tried restoring previous versions of my project from my recycling bin, but the audio was still corrupt. Even my backup file was corrupt. Is there a fix to this? I'm reaching out because I had half an hours worth of content edited. Any help is apreciated!

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Some things to try...Assuming you are reloading your project from the .vpj file which may be corrupt.......

  1. Have you tried playing the audio files directly from their PC folder with a separate player? (i.e.Nothing produced by VP) This checks that they actually play OK and are not faulty.
  2. Open VP and load one of these original audio files from its folder. Does it play correctly? (i.e. Nothing involving a .vpj file) If it doesn't play you can assume VP is corrupt.
  3. Open VP and load a completely different audio file that ho connection to your project. Does it play? If it does then save it as a VP project (.vpj file) and then reload it to a freshly opened VP. If this plays ok then one can assume that your actual project .vpj file is corrupt in some way.

If VP cannot open a bog standard audio file that has no connection to your project as above or a video file with attached audio, one can assume the program has got corrupted in some way. The answer would then be to completely uninstall it and reload from your vpsetup.exe file.

If you do find that the test vpj file of an audio clip won't play then the bets are on that your actual project vpj file is corrupt along with VP and you may then have to start over again after re-installing VP.

It's always a good idea to " Save Project As.." regularly using an incremental name.





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