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incoming connection doesnt support sip code


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when someones call me from a landline phone, its rings, but when i receive the call popups an error "incoming connection does not support proper sip codecs" and i lost the call.

strange thing is that i can call to landline but no receive,

i have read all forums topics but have no clue.


if someone can help me please post, i got in love with that soft!



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What service provider are you using?


Many 'codecs' are supported under SIP. But the SIP specification mandates all SIP connections must support type 0 uLaw to be able to call itself SIP. It sounds like your company is not providing type 0.

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I'm in Argentina and ther service provider is VONTEL (www.vontel.com.ar). There you can download a softphone. I use other softphone and a Sipura SPA-2000, and works fine.


I think that incoming calls are made with a code like 711 or 729.. (I don't know really much).


Thanks for your help!



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