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Incorrect Album Information & No Album Art

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I have over 600 CD's I am trying to rip and purchased the "upgraded" version of this software as it was initially performing better than my computer's rip program at storing MP3's in the correct order as they appear on album--however, I am over 100 CD's in and now what was an occasional album and track read error is happening on almost every disc. So tedious to be typing in the corrected information for EVERY CD. I see others have had this problem when looking at this forum and responses have been that the database used is not from the software company and they can't control it...? You can control which database you use, so just a suggestion from a very frustrated user, it would be a truly great program if this was fixed. In my old computer's ripper, the same CD's that are being read wrong in this software were all read right, so I know it's possible. Also would be nice to be able to have album art included as an option, especially for the paid "plus" program (not really sure how it improved other than now I have programs I don't need--when it is titled Express Rip Plus, I would expect it would improve the rip software itself, and not just add unnecessary other programs). I should have looked more closely before buying, so that's on me but this is a disappointment as I can't seem to find another ripper that puts my tracks in album order. Please add more features to make this a one-stop program.

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