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Speech to text outputs 100% gibberish

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I have Windows 7 Starter as my operating system. I tried the free version of Express Scribe first, and when I used Speech to Text on a file, it printed 100% gibberish, as in, not one single word was correct. It was basically Lorem Ipsum. So I figured maybe the feature was disabled, so I bought it yesterday... and it still prints gibberish. It works on it for a couple hours, and I can look at the graph of the processor use and I can see that it's doing *something*. Then, finally, after a couple hours, it spits out a 100% random bunch of words. This is not just a "mostly accurate with one mistake here and there." These are words that don't even sound like what the person was saying even if you use your imagination. This is when I run it on an mp3 file of an interview or something. It does this no matter how good the audio is.

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Speech to Text does not work on this unless you have it hooked up to Dragon and it's pretty much the same dictator.  The same as with Dragon, you have to get the software used to the person speaking and then you can do the Speech to Text.  That's why they charge so much for speech to text software.  The feature in this software probably works better if you are the dictator using the dictation portion of the software and then import it into the speech to text. 

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