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Syncing Inventoria Copper and Express Accounts Mac edition

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I really am getting frustrated and disappointed with my purchase.  I purchased Inventoria, Copper, and Express Accounts together because I was under the impression that they all work together.  I am finding that only the items list is the only thing syncing.  I don't know if I'm am missing something or if it just doesn't do what I thought it would do.   For example I have the suppliers list created in Inventoria but when I go Express Accounts it asks me to enter each of the suppliers again.  Shouldn't that sync like the items list does?

What about purchase orders?  Do I have to create one purchase order in Inventoria so the inventory is entered and another in Express Accounts?  This seems like so much extra work when the programs are suppose to work together.

And Copper and Express Accounts, do I have to enter each sale twice - once in each program?  Isn't there a way for my daily sales to be automatically entered into Express Accounts?

Honestly right now it almost seems easier to use Excel and just make separate spreadsheets.  At least that way I wouldn't have to enter all the information multiple times.

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Hello ShariB23, you are correct, the programs will only share the item's list when you are syncing Express Accounts and Inventoria.  Furthermore. the item's list will only copy from Inventoria to Express Accounts and will update when a purchase is submitted. However, everything related to orders, or managing inventory needs be handled in Inventoria, and the accounting part needs to be entered on Express Accounts separately.

Regarding Copper and Express Accounts, these two programs do not have the option to sync or share information.

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