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Check that your clips have been fully indexed and cached etc. as evidenced by the green bar progressing along the top of the timeline thumbnails. Sometimes this stops or appears in a different order to that expected. Trying to edit before this fully completes can cause irritating delays or a jerky preview. The speed of this procedure can depend on the PC quite a bit. If you keep getting "Building Preview" warnings when the timeline plays you may be using multiple tracks or many effects or transitions. It could also it  be due to the preview window being set too large and the processing speed of the PC a bit slow so reduce the values of the preview display (keeping the same AR)   in the Options/Display parameters to something smaller and see if this makes any difference.

Exporting is always drawn out especially for large HD projects, big files and slower PCs. Provided it's not a HUGE project upload it as Borate suggests (Save project As) and someone will no doubt take a look.


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