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Windows XP Support?


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What is the last version of Express Scribe that works on Windows XP or does the current version work?

I have a client that whose PC is locked down in Windows XP and cannot upgrade.

Express Scribe has stopped automatically downloading from her FTP server.  The only thing I have not tried is upgrading her client.

I am open to suggestions, but I have opened all ports, removed firewalls, checked and re-checked her ISP settings on her FTP etc etc... I haven't been able to get automatic downloads working, even though it connects and see's all files in the directory when setting up the connection. I suspect Hughnet made some changes on the backend, but I have not found anyone at the company that speaks geek. All other FTP services and clients work fine.

*and no - I cannot update the PC. The transcriptionist is 80 and supports doctors that are also 80. We are talking custom code from PASCAL and Word Perfect 4.0. USB printers working on LTP emulators. I have lost physical access to the machine. There is zero recovery if there is a catastrophic failure. 

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