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Stream 1, Stream 2?

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When importing .avi files recently, the 'Loading Project' box is covered by another box 'Select Stream', showing the name of the file being imported and its location.

It also shows 'Audio Stream' and a box with the options 'Stream 1: 2 channel(s), 32000 Hertz' , and 'Stream 2: 2 channel(s), 32000 Hertz'.

Whichever one I select seems to make no difference to the imported sound track. It is extremely quiet, in fact barely audible, and slowly over the course of the track, becomes out of sync with the video track.

I'm not using stereo mics, so why has this suddenly started happening?


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Probably it will only happen on the preview. Try exporting it and see if the out-of-sync problem still happens. Sometimes it's just VP can't keep up with the layers of video/audio played at the same time in the preview window. CPU/GPU/RAM can be also the cause, or programs like DirectX or similar.


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