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Placing an image


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How do I place an image on a certain location of the screen?

In VideoPad Video Editor, I uploaded a large image into my video. This image took up the whole screen, but I wanted to shrink it to about 3/4 size and to place it middle-right of the screen. Had trouble finding out how to do both. So unfortunately it was stuck being big and taking up the center of the screen. Any help? Thanks!

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  • Place the image on the desired Video track.
  • Click the FX at the left end of the clip
  • Click the Green + and select the Scale effect
  • Make sure that the Maintain AR box is ticked
  • Slide either the Vertical or Horizontal sliders to the left so reducing the size of the image to the size required.
  • Grab the black circular dot on the clip preview screen control and drag the image to the required position.

You could also use Scale to reduce the image to the desired size and then add a second effect - Position, to place it.

Note...You can do all this with an image (or video clip) placed on any track but if it is on Track 1 then the background (or surrounding area)  will be black. However if you place the reduced image/clip on Video Track 2 (the overlay track) above another video on Video Track 1 (the main track) then you will have a PIP ("Picture in Picture") with your reduced image playing on top of and within the main video.


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