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AVI screen resolution

Rob Bob Dave

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I have been learning how to use Videopad recently. I was exporting using MP4 format but recently researched the different file export formats and found AVI format had better quality for output. I began exporting as AVI files only to discover the export output files were not playing in the resolution I selected.

My export MP4 file settings: HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) (16:9) letterbox at 29.97 fps - filled the screen without any black bars, top, bottom or sides

My export AVI file settings: Custom (1920 x 1080)  (16:9) letterbox at 29.97 fps - seems to be 4:3 format black bars both sides

All my exported video properties indicate 1920 x 1080 resolution.. 

I have exported four videos as API, all using the same settings. One plays full screen while three play in the 4:3 format. This occurs without adjusting the tv screen resolution.

I chose AVI because my research indicated AVI format gives better output quality. I would like to know how to force the AVI files to default to 16:9 resolution because having both sides "cut off" is really annoying. Yes, the sides are cut off not shrunk to fit. How do I know this? Because text I have added might be "Please consider function" becomes "se consider fu" not the output I wanted.

Any information would be appreciated.

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There should be no cutoff  in the exported image. What version VP are you using?

Using VP 7.10

Your clips are 1920 x 1080 Mpeg4 as loaded into VP for editing.

Use the following export settings... They output correctly here as an .avi with full frame 1920 x 1080p Mpeg4 clips

  • Export File Name....... ............Enter the name you want
  • Save to Folder........................Browse to a folder for the exported video....Set as the default location if required
  • Preset....................................Click the down arrow and choose  HD 1080p from the list (near the top)
  • File Format............................Click  the down arrow and choose .avi
  • Default Quality/File size........Video Compressor...H264 (Native)  Sound compressor...Mp3 (Native)
  • Resolution ...........................1920 x 1080p HD
  • Widescreen fit ......................will be greyed out.
  • Framerate............................ 29.970
  • Click Create

Try these settings and see what happens

With respect to the text....Note that a line of text should be checked in the preview screen as it is entered since the text editor width is not related to the screen width. e.g. If you use a bigger font then the same line of text (which may fit into the editor) might not all be seen in the exported file. The start and end might be missing if you have used the centre justified setting. Again, a long text line might fit across the editor but will get truncated in the export. As the program is WYSIWYG then if the Sequence preview looks OK the export should be also.


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Yes using VP 7.10

My clips are 2560 x 1920 jpg photos

  • Export File Name....... ............file name selected
  • Save to Folder........................folder chosen
  • Preset....................................Click the down arrow and choose  HD 1080p from the list (near the top) *** this selection changes the next to .mp4
  • File Format............................Click  the down arrow and choose .avi *** this selection changes the previous to "custom"
  • Default Quality/File size........Video Compressor...H264 (Native)  Sound compressor...Mp3 (Native) *** Defaults are these choices
  • Resolution ...........................1920 x 1080p HD
  • Widescreen fit ......................will be greyed out. *** not, letterbox is the default
  • Framerate............................ 29.970
  • Click Create

Yup. Did all that and the results are the same, both sides are cut off about 12% 

I have the preview set to the lowest 16:9 setting and the preview shows the entire picture without cropping it.The output does not match the preview .


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VP v7.11.  Not seeing a difference here;  both the original and the export are identical in image content - nothing lost - while keeping in mind Nat's statement:


You can't get an image 16:9 that is originally 4:3 without either having bars to either side or by using crop/Zoom or zoom. or distorting the horizontal frame size.


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Hi Rob

OK...I initially thought that your raw images were 1920 x 1080 which is an AR of 16:9. Had that been the case then my settings given in my post would work. However you say your images are 2560 x 1920 which is an AR of 4:3 not 16:9. Placed on the timeline they will show chequered areas to each side in clip preview or black borders to each side. This because the VP preview screen is 16:9 (You can alter this to 4:3 but this doesn't alter the export result.)


Your export frame will be 16:9 but the image will stay 4:3 within that. If you use Auto match contents (2560 x 1920) then letterbox will be active. If you  select letterbox  the export will be ...full frame top/bottom but still with bars to either side.(As seen in VP above).

If you export with Auto match contents (2560 x 1920) but have the Crop and Zoom option selected, you will have a centralized 16:9 image with virtually no borders.However the area may not be what you want so the best option if you don't want any borders is to use the Zoom effect..

  • Click the FX and select the zoom effect.
  • restrain the AR to 16:9
  • Drag the handles of the zoom frame in to isolate the best image position.Drag the frame around is required. If you have both preview screens visible as above you will now see best 16:9 image. Don't create any keyframes...All the clip will be zoomed into your required frame.....


Export with the settings originally given in my post (leave letterbox selected if it is active) and you should have a 16:9 AR video (1920 x 1080p) which fills the frame as here seen in VLC.


In conclusion you can't get an image 16:9 that is originally 4:3 without either having bars to either side or by using crop/Zoom or zoom. or distorting the horizontal frame size


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What I am doing is creating "sing along videos" from audio files with vertical scrolling text (cropped to three lines at the bottom of the screen) and a static background photo, just to have something to look at. This is what I did before deciding to switch to AVI export.


  • set editor resolution to a 16:9 preset setting (512 x 288) slow computer, smoother preview
  • 29.97 frame rate, for tv output,  wanted to be the same as exported file 

Add all the files to the project making sure the layers are in the correct order. 

I used Scale with Maintain AR checked to make the background fill the screen

I cropped the text to show only four lines at the bottom of the screen and then adjusted the timing of the text to display correctly

export file settings:

Preset:    HD 1080p

File Format:  mp4 

mp4 encoding settings


  • H264
  • default quality filesize
  • auto detect


  • ACC
  • same as input
  • 320 kbps

Resolution:   1920 x 1080  1080p HD

Widescreen Fit:  greyed out

Frame Rate:    29.97 fps

Until I decided to change to AVI, the Widescreen Fit was always greyed out. Now, the videos I saved as AVI, the Widescreen Fit is never greyed out no matter what resolution I select. Even if I choose File Format mp4.

Edited by Rob Bob Dave
accidentally posted before finishing.
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"... I cropped the text to show only four lines at the bottom of the screen and then adjusted the timing of the text to display correctly ..."

The Zoom effect is better than Crop + Scale.; It's easier to use and you can see immediately what has been achieved. However, cropping the text IMHO is not the way to go as even though it may all appear it will scroll in a smaller window. If you want a full top to bottom scroll then don't crop it.Note also that in order not to lose any of the text on either side  (which you may do any way if you have cropped it) make sure that the Sequence Preview looks OK. As I mentioned the width of the text editor  is NOT the screen width and what actually appears there may not appear in the video if, for example you make the lines too long or the font too big.

To illustrate this...

e.g. Text visible in the editor as well as the preview screens  Font size 15.........


Font size slightly increased (to 19) but still all visible in the editor......It becomes truncated at each side now in the Preview screen and will export like that.....




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Hi Rob

 I can see now that I missed your point regarding your reason to crop your text. For your effect to work enter your text lines in a similar way to the image below (I have used 7 lines) setting Bottom to Top scrolling. Take into account the restrictions I mentioned regarding font size and line length. Scroll the project along through the title section to the point where 3 (or 4) text lines are visible and then add the crop effect to the text clip. Don't use any AR restraint  or you may inadvertently cut off each side of the text.Grab and pull the top border of the crop area down until the first line of text is about to be cut off.  See the composite image below.  When you play the sequence the text will scroll up through the cropped area always showing three lines of your text. It will never scroll up into the darker chequered area .........


In this example all 7 lines would scroll through the cropped area.   I am sure though that this is what you have done.

I initially assumed you were doing a full screen height scroll hence my advice regarding not using crop ...

Using your stated mp4 export settings the clip in this example played correctly.  Exporting as an .avi was also correct....

Here is a WMP image screenshot..from the 1920 x 1080 avi ....


Are you still getting a problem with your export?




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Perhaps I wasn't clear in my dilemma. The cropping of the scrolling text is not the issue.

The exported video screen sizing/scaling is the issue.

I scale the background jpg to fill the editor/preview screen, which is set to 16:9 (512 x 288)

I then add in the text file and adjust it where necessary (line length) to fit the editor/preview screen.

I then get the timing correct by adjusting the text file on the timeline so that the correct line of text is in the cropped area.

Everything is working up to this point.

Until I decided to export as AVI file format,  the Widescreen Fit was always greyed out.

Now, the videos I save as AVI or MP4, the Widescreen Fit is never greyed out no matter what resolution I select.

Both choices (letterbox or crop) reduce the size of the output video, letterbox less than crop, but both cause enough reduction that the output is not as it was before I decided to try AVI format.

BTW, my solution:

re-install Videopad ver 7.00

redo the (ahem) corrupted exports because the project files are not backwards compatible.

Upgrade back to videopad ver 7.10 (because I found it was more reliable than ver 7.00 and ver 7.11)

Or  not.

The problem I was having with ver 7.00 seems to have somehow corrected itself with the re-install, which was text "smear' or "bleed".

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Share your project so others can see what you report.  Here's how...  http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/

In a test here...

Loaded a 2560x1920 image into VP v7.11

Scaled it up, using preset 4:3-->16:9 (1.34 horizontal and vertical)

Exported at 1920x1080 at default avi settings.  "Letterbox" is enabled because the output (1920) does not match the source (2560) resolution.

The (scaled) VP sequence screen is at the right, below.

The avi export was played full screen in MPC-HC.

The image at the left is a still capture of the avi, reduced in size (for comparison here) to match the VP screen.

Both show virtually identical content.


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If your videos have different ARs, that was bound to happen with Videopad that has the Widescreen Fit option. I got past on that problem already, and the solution is a bit complicated.

If in any chance you can send your project file, please post the link here.

I can help you with this, I think. But this was a bit of a wrong timing because I am in a vacation for a week starting tomorrow.

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Hi Rob

"...I scale the background jpg to fill the editor/preview screen, which is set to 16:9 (512 x 288)...."

The fact that you need to Scale the background jpg implies it is not already a 16:9 image otherwise it would automatically fit the 16:9 (512 x 288) preview screen. (whatever the actual pixel size of the image.)

Using Scale will NOT automatically produce a 16:9 image even it appears centered and without borders etc. in the preview screen. Because of this VP will not see it as a valid 16:9 image and consequently will invoke the letterbox options at export. This will do its best to produce a centred image using an average AR which can leave some borders .

To get around this use the Zoom effect it will achieve exactly the same thing without the hit/miss of filling the preview accurately as this effect can be set to an AR of 16:9 correctly. Once used the image will be 16:9. The letterbox will not be invoked at export as all the clips would be 16:9 and the export will be a correct full screen 16:9. If the clips/images are different resolutions  (pixel numbers) but the same AR it might result in different degrees of clarity between the clips but not the AR

"....Now, the videos I save as AVI or MP4, the Widescreen Fit is never greyed out no matter what resolution I select...."

I suggest that this is because you have used Scale to reduce or enlarge your image/clips and not obtained a true 16:9 format compared with other clips on the timeline. Scale does not have a specific list of ARs; only the option to maintain the status quo. As I mentioned above use Zoom with the AR set to 16:9



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Bear in mind though that the example above resized the 2560x1920 4:3 image using the SCALE preset 4:3 to 16:9 .  The result appears to be the same as applying the zoom 16:9 restraint.

The letterbox option was enabled only when the export resolution did not match the source.

In this instance "auto-match" suggested exporting at the source res. When that was changed to 1920x1080 then letterbox became active.  This tested true irrespective of the A/R of the effected image.

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Oh!   Doh!........Thanks Borate.  😡   Scale does have a preset AR!!!!!   (or a way of changing one to another). I am used to seeing it as a list in Zoom effect which I prefer to use....Not a dark grey bar at the top of the effect settings window that looks like a heading!!!

In fact using 4:3 to 16:9  it does a letterbox crop and zoom, and one has to use offset Y to shift it up and down to set where you want it centered.    Still prefer Zoom though.

I'll have to spend a little time fully absorbing these options........




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First let me define what I am working on;

Creating "sing along" videos using original music with scrolling lyrics and a photo for background, setting the video size to fill the screen of a wide screen tv. This is to help a family member regain their ability to speak after suffering a severe stroke. 

I seem to be missing something here (besides my mind), let me go through what I have done to hopefully help clarify.

I have set the sequence preview to 16:9 (512 x 288) to view the project in the resolution (16:9) that I would export it in.

I had scaled the background image to fill the sequence preview screen, and have tried Borate's solution of scale 4:3 to 16:9. Surprisingly, I was scaling the same as the preset (by accident).
I do realise that my background images are not of the correct size. I was under the impression that scaling them, basically resizing so as not to distort the image, the parts of the image that have been resized off the sequence preview screen are discarded and are of no consequence. The exported video height is exactly the same as the scaled sequence preview.  

My output choice originally was MP4, HD 1080p. The exported videos filled the entire wide screen tv with no bars top, bottom, or sides.
I believe the wide screen fit selection was greyed out.

After changing to AVI output, it looks like the exported output is 4:3 (although the file properties indicates 1920 x 1080). Changing the output parms back to MP4, the exported output also 4:3. One thing I did observe is the background photo is not stretched or distorted but both sides have been cut off leaving the black bars on each side. If the vertical scrolling text (centred on screen) is close to the preview screen width, both sides are cut off as well.
Also Widescreen Fit is never greyed out, unless TV NTSC is selected.

Re; Nationalsolo; 
I set the scrolling text to the chosen font and size, centred on screen, and adjusted the line length to make sure it fit correctly in the sequence preview screen. I was first using a full screen (bottom to top) scroll, but did not like it as I found it to be too busy. I did originally use a cropped copy of the background art layered on top of the text until I discovered cropping the text was easier.

Re; Borate;
Do the sequence preview and the export resolution have to be identical 1920 x 1080 ?
Does it make a difference if the sequence preview is set to 16:9 (512 x 288) and the export is set to 16:9 (1920 x 1080) ?
Also in reference to your May 12 reply, Yes I see the output and the export are identical. However, my sequence preview fills the preview screen without the bars, and that is my desired export result as well. It is just not happening.

I thank everyone for their patience and help, it is much appreciated.

I apologise for my seemingly slow responses to your prompt reply's, I have not much time to spend on my computer as there is too much outdoor work to do and not enough Rob Bob Dave to go around.

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There are a lot of variables here and it's a bit confusing. :huh:

I shoot in AR 16:9 and don't have problems . I have the preview set to one of the 16:9 AR values and export at one of the 16:9 AR.values ...usually the resolution of the clips from the camera. As expected everything fits.

Your VP preview resolution is set to 512 x 288...16:9......That's fine......It's the value that I tend to use.

What is the AR of your background image? If it's not 16:9 then you will see a checkered area in Clip preview where there is no fit.(To each side or top/bottom. ) The resolution of the image is not important it's the AR that matters.

If you have clips that are different AR then your timeline will look a bit like this.....The non 16:9 clips (the house) having a chequered area (The cat is 1920 x 1080 (16:9) , the house is 2272 x 1704...   not 16:9)....


If it doesn't fit and there is a chequered area (as seen here in the house clip) then use the Zoom effect restrained to 16:9 to eliminate the chequered area. (I don't use Crop and I prefer not to use Scale)   The clip will now fill the preview window as the ARs are the same. Note that this action necessarily trims the image, this is unavoidable  The timeline in this example now looks like this ....


Note the house clip now (now trimmed) fills the thumbnail (and also the Clip preview window.)

Export the sequence using one of the 16:9 settings....e.g. 1920 x 1080. .avi or .mpg   Ignore the Letterbox setting..leave it at Letterbox. (AFAIK This is active as the clip/image in question is not (originally) 16:9)

There will  be no black bars etc in the export which will be 16:9...Here is a screenshot of  the house clip (.avi) in WMP..... It is full frame exactly like the cat clip.


You should have no problems with bars etc. using this scenario, and the export is 16:9   1920 x 1080.......Which I think is what you are wanting.



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Firstly Rob, use v7.11 to eliminate a possible bug in earlier versions.

Preview resolution has no effect on export resolution, but users can be misled when PV res doesn't match the export res. The next VP version will attempt to end this confusion.


A 2560x1920 image was scaled from 4:3 to 16:9 here.  Text that filled the 16:9 preview window width was added.

Export using default settings in either AVI or mp4 at 1920x1080 results in a 16:9 image with full text, same the 16:9 preview screen.

An export at NTSC chops the text and changes aspect ratio to 4:3, as one would expect, since it is 640x480.

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Hi Rob

Just to illustrate Borate's post.... Preview screen was set to 16:9.....512 x 288 (AFAIA this  has no bearing on the export)

A 2560x1920 image .......... Here is such an image on the timeline.  It's not AR 16:9  it's 4:3  So since the Preview IS 16:9, the same as the thumbnails there is a chequered area to each side as VP inserts it to fit so all the image is seen. window


....was scaled from 4:3 to 16:9 here..... 


The image is now 16:9 but although it works using Scale and the 4:3 - 16:9 preset in this way results in a centered result.Note that the top and bottom are cut off. Other parameters of scale might have to be used like Base x and Base Y to move the 16:9 area to show the bit you require. It's the reason I prefer to use the Zoom effect as this does the same thing as Scale and you can adjust the rectangle straight away.  However, having adjusted the image using Base Y  we now have.......

Text that filled the 16:9 preview window width was added. ...


Export using default settings in either AVI or mp4 at 1920x1080 results in a 16:9 image with full text, same the 16:9 preview screen...


Screenshot from a 1920 x 1080 mp4 seen in VLC.  (The Letterbox option was active but as I mentioned in my earlier post only it seems because the original image before scaling was not 16:9 and the export parameter WAS 16:9 so it was left)

It all works OK...


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I am sorry, it seems I am not posing the problem clearly, but I do thank you for all your help and information, it has made editing easier.

The problem is not the building of the video, it is the export. The exported file is not being created as I would like it.

I am choosing the editor selections and resolution to match what should be the exported video so I can edit and see how it should look before export.

The exported video has about 12 % of the video cut off from each side. The video is not shrunk. The original background is not distorted in any way except for having both sides missing about 12%. The exported file properties indicate it is HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) and it does fill the screen, but both sides are missing about 12 % of the completed video which includes the scrolling text - IF it extends into the missing 12% areas. I have tried exporting at Hd 1080p and 720p and it does not make any difference. What I end up with LOOKS like a 4:3 picture with black bars on each side, however, the exported file properties indicate 16:9 resolution (either 720p or 1080p) .

This problem began after exporting as an AVI file format, and it refuses to reverse to the original full screen export as MP4 or AVI.

I have even tried re-creating a video from the beginning to see if it is something that is saved in the project file. This did not correct the export problem.

I have checked VP settings and cannot find any setting that would cause this.

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Hi Rob

If things don't come out as Borate and myself are suggesting it's a bit odd.

"... What I end up with LOOKS like a 4:3 picture with black bars on each side, however, the exported file properties indicate 16:9 resolution (either 720p or 1080p) ."

What you see in the export must reflect what you have on the timeline. From this description and assuming your project is presumably as a whole AR 16:9,  it looks like that you have a clip or image on the timeline  that is AR 4:3 or something different (either raw or a cropped/zoomed/scaled original) and are exporting everything at 16:9. In this scenario any 4:3 or other AR clip (cropped/original or zoomed with no restraint ,  will show bars to each side, but the exported project will still be 16:9. Whether you export it as an mpg or an avi should make no difference.  If you can upload your project to dropbox etc. (use Save Portable Project as..) This ensures all the files as well as a .vpj file is posted. Make it public and someone will take a look and advise.    In the meanwhile..

  1. What Clip/Sequence preview AR have you set?
  2. What is the AR of the clips/images used in the project i.e. 16:9 4:3 etc If they don't conform what are the resolutions?
  3. Are you cropping/Zooming/Scaling any of these and what settings are you then using?
  4. What export settings are you using?



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I have created new projects using only a single jpg image in a 10 second exported video.

The clip/sequence preview I am using is 512 x 288 (16:9)

The jpg image resolution is 2560 x 1920

The export settings are 720p, mp4, 29.97fps

I have tried the following:

No crop, scale, or zoom  Results are; the complete image with black bars on both sides as expected, in the clip preview, sequence preview, and exported video.

Scale preset 4:3 to 16:9 (H ratio 1.34 V ratio  1.34) The clip preview and sequence preview shows the image filling the screens. The exported video has exactly the same black bars as "no crop, scale, or zoom" video. The difference is the image. The image is missing a portion of both sides (black bars). If the sides were not missing, the image would fill the screen completely.

Zoom to 16:9 restraints (X1 13, Y1 13, X2 87, Y2 87) The clip preview shows the zoomed image. Sequence preview shows the image filling the screen. The exported video has exactly the same black bars as "no crop, scale, or zoom" and "scale" videos. The export results are the same as "scale", sides missing, etc.

Crop to 16:9 restraints (X1 13, Y1 13, X2 87, Y2 87) The clip preview shows the cropped image. Sequence preview shows the image with black bars on all four sides. The exported video has the same black bars on all sides as the previews (clip and sequence). 

Originally I was using v7.00 and v7.10, cropping, then exporting as mp4, and either 1080p or 720p. I was getting full screen output. After I tried outputting as avi, the export problem began. I have tried re-installing v7.00 and then updating to v7.10 hoping to reset whatever I accidentally set when trying to export as avi. Unfortunately, this did not work.

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Hi Rob

Repeated your test here with VP 7.11 ... I used a jpg 2560 x 1920 pixels. In all export windows the Letterbox option is set and dotted. My findings are as expected in each of your setups. Values exactly as you state.

1)  No Crop Scale or Zoom   Correct. Export has black bars to each side as expected.


2)  Scale preset to 4:3 to 16:9   Correct. There are NO black bars in either preview  and  VP shows a full   centred 16:9  image with top/bottom cropped .  HOWEVER..Here,. The Export seen in VLC is 16:9 and has NO black bars.   ...Something wrong here  It looks for some reason that something in Export is incorrect. My settings are as follows..

  1. Preset: 270p
  2. mp4........H264 Default Quality......Lossless ..Auto detect
  3. Resolution .....1280 x 720 -720p
  4. Letterbox active and dotted
  5. Frame Rate 29.97


3)  Zoom to 16:9 restraints.  Correct: Here there are.NO black bars in either preview screens  and VP shows a full 16:9 image with top/bottom cropped.  HOWEVER. Here  The Export seen in VLC is 16:9 with NO black bars.  This seems to be the same problem as you are getting with Scale to 16:9


4)  Crop to 16:9 restraints  Correct:  Preview shows a black surround as expected. This is a 16:9 crop within  a 16:9 frame,  Export showed exactly the same..a Centred 16:9 image with a black surround in the 16:9 screen. This is correct.
The conclusion seems to be that for your  Zoom and Scale the 16:9 restraint has a problem (although both are working OK here with version 7.11)  Either that or you have a spurious setting in the export screen somewhere (see my settings) , or your player is seeing something different to VLC in your export. Can't think of anything else.


My machine is rather slow and old.. specs are...

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500@ 2.2GHz, 2.0 GB RAM
NVIDEA GeForce GT 730.

But it works OK



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The following are my computer specs and the VideoPad settings and export parameters I am using.

Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601.24443)

Acer Aspire 5100 V3.13

2.20 gigahertz AMD Turion 64 MK-38
512 kilobyte primary memory cache
64-bit ready

3840 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 [Display adapter]


VideoPad Options:



Show dual previews 

Preview format,

Width 512,

Height 288,

Preset 512x288 (16:9)

Frame Rate 29.970

360 Preview FOV: 90

Show custom tab – not selected

Show welcome dialog – selected



Export File Settings:

file name – user defined

save to folder – user defined

Preset – HD 1080p (or 720p) 16:9

file format – mp4


Default quality/file size:



Compressor – H264

video quality/bitrate – default

lossless – auto detect



compressor – AAC

preferred channel numbers – same as input

audio quality/bitrate - 320kbps


Resolution: 1920 x 1080 – 1080p HD (or 720p) 16:9

Widescreen fit letterbox (default)

frame rate 29.97 fps



Originally I began using v7.00 and registered with that version.

The problem I had with v7.00 was text smear or bleed (for lack of the correct term) where the scrolling text (vertical from bottom to top) left trails which interfered with the following text, making it extremely difficult to read. I was working with tech support to correct this problem.

I upgraded to v7.04 which began looping when previewing. About 5 seconds continuous loop at random intervals. I reinstalled v7.00.

I upgraded to v7.10 when it became available, and this version corrected most of the text bleed problem and the preview did not loop. Still working with tech support to correct this. Tried 720p export and adjusted the preview from 1080p to 512 x 288 (16:9) and these changes seemed to correct the bleeding problem. After researching for the best all around file format for export for TV, I decided to try AVI format. This is when the export screen cutoff problem started. I upgraded to v7.11 and the text smear/bleed began again and did not solve the export problem. I decided to re-install v7.00 thinking it may be something set in the app startup parameters that was causing the export problem, and reverting back to a prior version might clear it. Knowing I had a problem with v7.00 I also upgraded after to v7.10 as I had found it to be the most reliable version. Unfortunately, the export problem still exists.


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