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No valid capture device could be found

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We have a licensed version of "Debut Professional v5.42" 

Until a few weeks ago it worked fine to import from a VHS recorder using a Canopus ADVC110 conversion box.

All settings on the ADVC are correct (Analog input + dipswitsches in the correct position)

For some reason Debut now only wants to do screen captures, when I click on device in Debut and I want to select the ADVC, it is not showing up and Debut "jumps" back to screen recording.

We already replaced the FireWire cable, which doesn't seem to be the problem. The blue light on the ADVC110 for analog input is on, (so the ADVC110 is getting power from the firewire port) the status led is off.

The strange thing is that the ADVC does not show up in device manager (IEEE1394), nor in "connected devices" anymore.

I couldn't discover anything weird in the BIOS settings of the desktop PC Debut is running on.

Anyone dealt with this problem before?

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