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Back again,


OK have set up all my Finished Goods with BOM Now what i need to know is the following;

My finished goods are sold as each of 40ml

My BOM is partially each and in ml for the Base product

Question 1 When building the BOM if my Finished goods is 40ml do i then have to show it as 400ml  (as I have it set as ml and have 20000) from one and each from the other part?

These are housed in my warehouse

Question 2 When I require more of the finished goods, how do I go about getting inventoria taking all the parts from the warehouse to my finished goods to sell? and thus reducing the stock from the BOM held in the warehouse.

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1-Could you please elaborate? Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you are referring to

2-When you use the Bill of Materials option, it will create a brand new item. You need to be aware that it will not take items from your stock to create it. Example: you have item A, item B and item C. In stock you have

-item A: 10 items

-item B: 15 items

-item C 12 items

Then, you use the bill of materials option to create a new item (lets name it item D) including: 2 of item A, 1 of item B and 3 of item C. If you sell item D, it will not reduce items from A, B nor C; the stock level will stay the same: -item A: 10 items -item B: 15 items -item C 12 items. This is because the programs considers item D as a brand new item which is not related to other items.

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Thank you Elk, you have been most helpful.

I then have to ask the question, whats the point of the individual items that make up the product you are trying to sell, if it does not reduce the quantities? to me it seems that Inventoria can only cope with complete finished items so in fact not really a bill of materials, a bill of materials is a "recipe"

OK I can see how it would keep track of your individual items but you have to reduce the stock manual when you make up an item.

If my assumption is correct, I have taken all the parts to make up item "D" when I sell item "D" it will it reduce the stock of "D", is this correct?

It would be such a simple formula within Inventoria to reduce the "actual" items used ........you can do this in excel.

Don't get me wrong I still think the Express Accounts is a great product esp for the price as everyone now has gone to cloud pricing but it seriously needs improving in some areas especially in this instance.

Really want to get this to work and would super appreciate  everyone's feedback as to HOW I can make this work.



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Unfortunately, I cannot answer to that question since I have not developed the program, it is just the way bill of materials works, it will not reduce the quantities. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about our products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

Yes, it will reduce stock of item D. Remember that item D is like a "box", it will contain items A, B and C but the program will not see whats inside the box, it will only see the box, in this case item D.

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Agreed, why have this feature? Having the bill of materials doesn't make sense to create a new item that is made up of other items without having the inventory of those items automatically deducted when the new item is made. If a "boxed" item is made of other items, those items should be automatically deducted to make up the "boxed" item as soon as the "boxed" item is made. You should be able to input how many of the "boxed" items you have made, and those quantities are automatically deducted from the other items.

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Dear Sir,

Good Morning sir,

i was process  Goods inward (material Receiving ) individual supplier GRN Not printing. and GRN No. also Not showing

can please enable  Good Receipt note. No.  Date

1.supplier DO/ Invoice No.



this are the option i received.


B. Customer Sale return  option please  enable.



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