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CAUTION! Vpedal and 10.4.6 and Scribe

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Just a FYI: just spend several hours trying to troubleshoot a problem, thought I'd share it here:


Having successfully supported the use of Express Scribe on multiple computers with Vpedal foot pedals for over 18 months, suddenly, on a new clean install of Mac OS X 10.4.6, Scribe would not react to any Vpedal pedal. The system saw it, USB Overdrive saw it (used only to test), Express Dictate worked fine with the pedal, but Scribe would not respond. Replicated this on two macs (Powerbook 12" and mac mini G4 1.42 Ghz), both with clean installs and clean downloads of Scribe.


Tried the physical Vpedal with Scribe on ibook g4 1.2 Ghz, with 10.4.5, worked like a charm.


After trying to rule several things, finally checked version numbers: Scribe 4.0.3 works fine, Scribe 4.0.5 does not. Replaced version 4.0.5 on both unresponsive computers with 4.0.3, Vpedals all worked fine.


I noted in the forums that support was recently added for other foot pedals, perhaps something in that upgrade broke the vpedal support? Anyway, downgrade works fine until the most recent version is fixed. Would really appreciated an email when problem is rectified; hope I've shortened the troubleshooting cycle.


James Reed

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