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Is there a way to disable the Widescreen Fit options?

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This is REALLY bugging me when I export a video.
I believe every time I add in an image or video with large dimensions, and then export the video,
The Widescreen Fit options will present themselves, but only when I set the export resolution to a smaller size.

I've tried to resize the large img/vid to smaller dimensions, but no luck.
VideoPad still wants the export to be a larger size, and recommends Widescreen Fit options.
Which I don't want.

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You can set any resolution you like, using the PRESET or RESOLUTION fields in the export box.

Those that offer "widescreen" provide two choices:  letterbox or crop and zoom.

Here, a project sourced with a 4:3 and a 16:9 video was exported in both modes at 167x130.  Aspect ratios looked fine.

The 16:9 image is shown letterboxed on the left.  It's cropped/zoomed on the right, at the loss of some content - which may what you want.

Of course, an image/video can be manipulated via SCALE and other effects prior to export, to achieve the desired result.


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