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Hi all,


I am currently using Reckon enterprise accounts. This is way to big for my small business online and is costing to much.

As a small business looking at NCH Accounting. What I want to do is import all my customers and sales by CSV no issue there, however every month I import the sales from from cart, I have repeat customers.

My question is therefore when I import the NEW sales each month will it add to my existing Customers or will it create another? Like I know in reckon if the import sees an already existing customer it will not duplicate it rather add to that customers file.

Hope someone can advise before i make the switch


Thanks all



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It would seem logical that it would add the new information under the same customer, if not the program will find a conflict because of the repeated name, now I have not tried this so it would be best for you to try which you can do with the free version to test if it works then great if not I will suggest you contact NCH Technical Support to see if they have a better idea of what is going on. You can create a support ticket for them on the link below:


Good Luck!

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