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Financial summaries on the main window


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If you need to add a new account or make changes to one, go to ¨Chart of Accounts¨ from there you will have a ¨New¨ icon on the toolbar and an ¨Edit¨ icon as well. With the ¨New¨ you can add a new account and with the ¨Edit¨ you can edit any accounts you see on the list. If this is not what you are referring to please provide more information about what you are trying to do. In any case if you need more information or assistance please go ahead and create a support ticket for NCH technical support, you can do so from the link below:


Good Luck!

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Thanks for your reply, But

I am not asking to create a new account, I know it very well, 

I am asking you that (Please see this snap pic of NCH main window.) For example: at "Reports" main window where at left bottom of screen NCH showing some "Financial Summaries" like " Net Assets:  (Amount), Profit this month: (Amount), Profit Last Month: (Amount) etc

I want to add here Petty cash or Cash in Hand Summaries at in main windows area. So Is there any way to do it.

I am not so good in English but I am trying my best to tell my problem.

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