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lost my all mt music


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I went from windows 7 to windows 10 and now express burn plus don't have my saved music projects. When I open the software and click on "save project", It opens up my documents! Is express burn plus compatible with windows 10 pro? I don't understand what happened to all my music. Years of music. Anyone out there has any idea what went wrong? Thank you in advance.

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I've waited to see what replies this topic might incur, but as nothing has surfaced I will chime in.

First off, there is not enough info clearly stated to fully understand what the issue is, or how to approach it. (A common occurrence in these forums)

I don't know where to begin with my questions, but for starters 1) are you using a new computer, or have you upgraded a computer from win7 to win10?

2) Surely you are not saving your 'years of music' in Express Burn project files (as it is only a burning program and your source files must be stored somewhere).... so nothing could really be lost. 

3) Try as I might to comprehend what you are experiencing, the more confused I get. But it is perhaps likely that my workflow, utilization and expectations of the software could be very different from yours. I'll bet there is an answer to your trouble and there is yet help to be found here (if you haven't solved it already and just not come back to tell us) 




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