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Disable clips 'meeting' automatically?


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Hi all,

I've had a search through the forums and couldn't find the problem I am facing.  It is a difficult one to describe, so it could be that I have just missed it.

I've just started work on my second production using VideoPad.  My first went very smoohtly.  Now I have started my second, and I am working with a series of long video files that I am now splitting to arrange into two video tracks.

The problem is that when I move the clips around the tracks, the software seems to automatically move the ends of each clip to each other to remove blank space.  This wasn't happening in the last file I worked on - I was able to move clips leaving blank space without any problems.  When I opened the previous file and used 'Save As' to create a new file, I am able to work the same way, leaving empty space in the timeline too, as I was in the previous file.

Is there a setting somewhere that I have changed during the first file to stop this from happening?

Thanks for your help!

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Can't say why you could drag drop clips without a "snap" with previous projects unless you were using an earlier version of VP. Earlier versions of VP did not have automatic snapping of clips unless you brought them quite close to each other. In some ways this was quite good but there may have been problems with invisibly small gaps being left between clips on occasions making transitions inoperative.when this happened. Joining the clips automatically eliminated this problem. Using the Alt key to keep the clips separated is OK once you get used to it. In a way it fixes the clip that is moved in the new position as it will now "snap" back to that position if you move it (without Alt).

AFAIK there is not a setting that will allow or disallow the "snapping" apart from using the Alt key.



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Thanks for your help too, Nat.  I have only recently started using VideoPad, so wouldn't have thought I was using a dramatically updated version now, but I do note I have only noticed the change since changing to a different computer and re-downloading the software, so it could well be the case.  The Alt key fix serves my purposes at any rate.

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