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Version 7.05 - Transparency doesn't carry over with a snapshot

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I just upgraded to version 7.05. However, there's a big problem with this version that I've noticed almost immediately:

When I take a snapshot of an image that already some transparency to it (e.g. by me applying a green screen effect), the transparency does not carry over to the snapshot. Instead, the background where the transparency is supposed to be is instead just black.

If we want the background to be black, we can simply place a black blank rectangle behind the transparent image! Taking this feature out doesn't add anything, but it does make image & thumbnail creation more complicated.

Please put that feature back in the next version! Or at the very least, give me an option in the settings to keep the transparency in a snapshot!

EDIT: I'm also not a fan of the fact that, when I press Ctrl+T to add some text to the clip, it automatically has the words "title text" entered into it. I'm just going to replace that text with something else anyway, so all that does is add a superfluous step where I have to delete the default text before I can begin typing the message I want. The old system of it simply being blank by default worked perfectly.

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Suggest downloading and installing this version

Then load the clip onto the timeline

Apply green screen effect

Drag the red preview screen slider to the desired frame

Right-click in the preview window

Click on Take Snapshot of Clip and select the desired resolution

Here, that produces an image with transparency intact


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Snapshots of Green Screened images and clips are transparent here. (VP 7.10)

When you green screened the clip/image in the first place was the green screened area transparent before you took a snapshot?  i.e. Did it show a checkered area in Clip Preview as well as in the timeline thumbnails?

Are you looking at the subsequent snapshot in Clip Preview or Sequence Preview?

The transparent area of a clip/image viewed in the Sequence Preview  will appear black (in the absence of a normal clip/image on a lower track. This gives the impression that there is no transparency

The transparent area of a clip/image viewed in the Clip Preview window will appear chequered as will the thumbnails on the timeline. The same applies for a snapshot of such a clip/image but in this case the thumbnail image in the bin will also show a chequered area.

Have you checked this? (S'cuse the pun)

With regards the default text that appears when using the Add Text tab....I agree with you;. To have to delete the already present text each time can be annoying. However it does show you where in the frame the text is at the outset as previous settings are retained.

In my opinion however, it would be more useful if, when the text editor opens (and if we HAVE to have dummy text) that it is already selected and can be immediately typed over without the extra steps required to select and delete it. (The Add Title text box behaves in this way.)  Of course it should be set up so editing an already entered text will not be pre-selected.





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