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how to upload mp4 youtubes without changing to vpj format


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new here, sorry if has been asked before. 

i want to know how to upload mp4 youtubes without changing to vpj format... as before they are moved and are just downloaded by my downloader app... they are say... 35mb and good quality.. and when i add them to my project they are instantly converted to vpj??? format and are almost twice the size.  is it poss to add/drag files without them going to vpj?



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VPJ is not a video format, actually. It is a VideoPad project file. It describes everything in your project such as clips, effects & transitions applied, cuts and edits made, and much more. When you have been editing a video you can save and load to a VPJ file to save your progress. Also, a VPJ file is very small. 

It sounds like you want to Export your edited video. After dragging your clips from the project bin to the sequence and making your edits, go to the Export tab and try one of the many export options. ('Video File' is a good starting spot). Here you can choose from many output formats, including mp4. There are also many quality options available. You can also upload directly to YouTube to save a bit of time.


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Hi livo74

What settings ar you using to export your project? They can make quite a difference to the exported file size

Using an original MPEG4 clip  1920 x 1080p H264 30fps  the size on disc is 55.96 Mb Duration in VP of 33 seconds

Exporting this as .mp4  H264   HQ   1920 x 1080p  30 fps gives a file size of 54.0 Mb. So virtually no change and the export was a matter of seconds.

Exporting it as  .mp4   MPEG4   HQ 1920 x 1080p   30fps gives a file size of 97.8 Mb.......almost double but visually no difference with the first export or original.

Exporting as an .avi   HQ MPEG4(Native) 1920 x 1080p  30fps  gave a file size of 95.6 Mb  but took longer to export

Exporting as a wmv file  Best quality (100)   1920 x 1080p 30fps gave a file size of 32.5 MB but took a long time to export.

All these exports gave a similar quality image.

Choosing the custom YouTube .mp4 1920 x 1080p H264 29.97fps export settings the file size was 54.0 Mb with fast export..same as the export 2 above..

The speed of export of course depends on the PC...Mine is an old slower Vista machine.


Is this any help?


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No need to use the direct YouTube uploader.  Export as a video file, then go to YT and upload.

Often, VP's "auto-match" resolution setting is optimal, closely matching the source files to the export specs.

Just be certain that the output is consistent with YouTube requirements.

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thank you all, i will try to use suggestions and see. but.. here again is my initial confusion.

i have just used my youtube downloader app to get Taylor swift, shake it off. the file is 45mb's mp4.

how is it so low for a 4 minute song/video?? (i have tried to upload the file here so can see for yourselves that it's 45mb's and plays beautifully, but there doesnt seem to be an option here)

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