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How to stop scrolling text at certain place

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Hi. I have a text scrolling from top to bottom. I need to make it stop at a certain point on the screen without completing the full scrolling. How can I do it? I need some detailed instructions on the use of the position effect. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jordie


"  I need some detailed instructions on the use of the position effect. "

As you have found out, the scrolling text effect will animate for the whole length of the text image clip and can't be stopped mid scroll. The first thing to remember is that your text is in effect an image file and can therefore be animated with the Position effect. Try the following example procedure......

  • Place your main video clip on Video track 1
  • Move the red cursor line along the timeline to where you want the text to appear.
  • Click the Add Text tab and choose Simple Text Overlay. This opens the text editor.
  • Enter your text and its relevant  properties , Note: Set the text central in the frame and choose No Scrolling.
  • Close the text editor window (X) and your text image will appear in the image bin and also on Video track2 at the cursor position.

Using the Position effect to scroll /move your text....

  • Click the FX box at the start of the text clip followed by the big Green +.
  • Select the Position effect. The Clip Preview screen will display with your text shown in the centre.
  • In the Effects window on the graph side move the red cursor line to the left side of the graph which represents the start of the clip
  • Grab the text in the Clip Preview pane and drag  it to its start position which can be off the screen if required. You can also enter position values into the boxes if you wish.
  • Click the small green + with the red line to create a keyframe for the starting text position
  • Move the red cursor line along the graph (or play the preview) to the point where you want the text to stop scrolling.
  • Now grab the text again and move it down/along/across  to the screen position where you want the text to stop moving.
  • Click the small green + with the red line again to create a second  keyframe for the text stop position
  • If the text is to stay put until the end of the display time,  slide the cursor line to the far right (end of the clip)
  • Click the small green + with the red line to create a final  keyframe for the end of the clip.

When the sequence is played, the text will scroll into view from the first keyframe position and stop when it reaches the second keyframe position. It will then remain stationary until the end of the text clip is reached.

The effects pane will look similar to this...


Of course this simply shows a line of text scrolling to the centre of the screen and staying there until the text clip time has elapsed but all sorts of animation can be created in conjunction with other effects. This simple example could be enhanced a little by using more keyframes to make the text move off to the right after remaing stationary for a short time..... etc. e.g.....


You can refer to the timing marks on the graph screen. The speed of the scrolling etc can be controlled by adjusting the distance between keyframes or by lengthening or shortening the text clip.

Hope this helps. This is an outline. Experiment to find the possibilities.


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