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Saving project when there's not enough room wipes audio


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I saved an audio file I was editing and when I went to continue working the sound of the main file I was using had gone.

I'm using a big audio clip that by this point was split into multiple clips as I've been editing. The clips of the audio, despite showing a wave-signature, just doesn't have sound. The transition effects I added between the main clips still played so I know nothing is muted.

This seems to have happened because there wasn't enough room in the place I was attempted to save the file to...so it just removed the audio from the main audio file.

A lot of work went down the drain if this can't be restored. I've never experienced this with any kind of media editing software before

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Hello Alt18, however, if the files you are working with were not saved properly due to space limitations, then there is nothing in the program or that we can do to help you retrieve information that is gone. 

What you can try to do is to confirm  you have enough space in the drive where you are saving the audio files.

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