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Audio Sync V7.10

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After installing v7.10 I am having audio sync issues I can't resolve. If I put two video clips in the timeline they work fine. As soon as I add a transition between them the audio goes out of sync with the video. If I remove the transition it goes back to normal. Any help or suggestions as to where I should go with this?

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There are two transition modes, GENERATE FREEZE FRAMES and OVERLAP.

If audio/video are not linked, then the OVERLAP mode could throw them out of sync.

Look under OPTIONS|EDITING and set the mode to FREEZE or to ASK.  When it does, specify freeze.

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I have the same problem, the options don't matter. It happens loading a .vpj file from version 7.00 (two clips and a transition between them). It seems, the second clip gets stuck for a.moment and that's why the audio gets out of sync. As soon as the next clip starts (clip three, if you add another one), the audio sync is correct again.

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