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Strange artist name & song title

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Today, I downloaded Express Rip. I needed to rip a couple of music CD to MP3. It worked great. Super fast. But there is one problem. For some reason, the finish product (MP3) artist name and song name are completely different than the original. Although the song are correct, I cannot recognize what song it is until I actually open it. Most of the new names are english but nothing to do with the original. Some converted CD even came in foreign language, like Thai or Vietnamese, I guess. Other I couldn't even identify the language, but again the songs are correct by the correct artist.

What causes that? It is very frustrating. 

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You need to be aware that the program downloads the Album details from FreeDB server which is a third party company, so NCH Software does not manage that information, so it it not possible to guarantee all the downloaded information is correct.

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