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PDF Load Failure

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Hello SimoneU,  when you load the PDF files on Pixillion, are you able to view the preview of the PDf file.  You may want to check if these issues happen to all PDF files and if you convert to other file formats.  In case the issues remain, you may want to seek assistance from the NCH Software support team directly.

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I too have this problem where the preview load fails. 

I'm a newbie to Pixillion and have only used it once before without problems. I have a pdf that will open fine in adobe acrobat but not in Pixillion. 

I can preview other pdf files so there must be something funny about the one I'm trying to open.

any help welcomed.


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It could be protected or have certain restrictions on what you can do to the file. Also, to what are you converting? Maybe the program cannot handle the lines and characters on the PDF to convert it. You can share the file here so I can check it. Still if other files convert successfully then the issue is the file not the program. Have you tried to reach NCH tech team for support? You can do so here:  https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html


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