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v7.04 Release Note


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General improvements / new features:

  • Green Screen improvements: add new Feathering parameter. This has a similar effect to the Fading parameter (make pixels semi-transparent) but it only affects the boundary between the foreground image and keyed out background. Both can be used to make leftover green pixels blend in with the new background. Note that Feathering is significantly slower than Fading, especially as the Feathering value gets large.
  • 'Brightness' mode in Green Screen changed to 'Color + Brightness', giving a better key overall.
  • Improved performance when reading from cache
  • Improved performance when caching effects

Bugs fixed:

  • Fix selecting alternate audio stream not longer working
  • Fix .VOB files not imported correctly
  • Fix 'Help' button working incorrectly in Export Wizard.
  • Fix 'Alt' modifier not disabling ripple-editing when resizing a track clip from the start.
  • Fix sequence preview can freeze when playing beyond the cached region.
  • Fix export wizard buttons not working for Vista users in some cases 
  • Fix certain clips being added to the wrong bins
  • Fix possible crash when Custom tab is selected.
  • Fix videos with non-square pixels not displaying with correct aspect ratio in some cases
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