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Questions about 7.04

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Hmm, where is that change log? On the NCH website? I think that may be automatically generated based off our commit comments or something, meaning it's not particularly readable for non-NCH developers. Probably wait for us to write a proper release note on this forum (I can do that today).

To answer your question to the best of my ability though, "VPClip architecture" changes means we have been doing a lot of non-user-visible work on the underlying architecture of our clip class. The old design was very prone to speed-change related bugs, and we've been fixing those kinds of bugs over and over again. Hopefully these changes make things less bug-prone for the future.

New level caching I believe is just an improvement to the way effects are cached. Without going into implementation details, it should be faster.

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I see the changelog here: https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/versions.html

I feel like maybe that should be specified on the page, and have a link to the forum or something like that.

While I do kinda wish I could learn a bit more about the technical/specific side, I'm glad to hear that speeds will improve! (both clip speed and program speed)


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Hm, after looking further, it seems there's a ton of changelogs for the majority of verisons. And they're quite well formatted too! http://nch.invisionzone.com/tags/release note/

Now I kinda feel bad when I mentioned in my long post in the "Thank you for producing" thread that there were rarely changelogs. I was basing it completely off that versions page! 😓

Although, like I said, I think that page should be changed to either reflect it's commit comment logs or have the changelog from the forum. That way, there's no confusion like this!

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