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How to change the aspect ratio

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I have recorded a video on my cell phone (an Android).

I then uploaded the video to my computer and loaded it into VideoPad.

This portrait video was placed by VideoPad horizontally centered in a much larger landscape frame.

When I now export the video, we have my original video content in the middle of that landscape frame. But when I download to my phone and play it there, my video is a small section in the middle of the screen.  Not good.

How can I maintain the portrait frame entire time?


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Nope.  I exported with 9:16 Android phone and got the same thing.  A narrow band - the original phone video in a wide black background.  Also tried 9:16 Instagram. Same result.

I'm thinking this problem needs to be solved on the import.  When the video imports it needs to be placed in a narrow frame, not in the center of a wide frame. 

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Upload your video, so someone can take a look.  Here's how...  http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/

Two things to play with...

1.  Right-click the file in the bin (top-left of the window) and click ASPECT RATIO.  Play around with the many settings options.

2.  With the clip on the timeline click its FX button and then click the small green + item on the toolbar, second from the left.

      In the preview window, use the handles (dots) to draw a mask that's the shape desired.  UNtic the "mask inside" box.

     Click the large green + button on the toolbar (far left) and click the TRANSPARENCY item.  Drag the slider to the far left.   Export.

     To achieve the effect desired you may have to utilized the SCALE or ZOOM effects.

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Hi @plevintampabay  , I probably found a solution, at least it worked for me:

1. Go to Options, and set the width and the height of the preview format to a 9:16 aspect ratio, e.g. 180 x 320, 360 x 640, 720 x 1280, etc. Then click OK to save these options.

2. Edit your video

3. Export your video as a vertical video (9:16), just use any of the matching presets.

Hope it works for you, too!

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I'm trying to reduced or crop a video and place it onto the hand side of another video.  I've read this topic but I cant figure out if I need to overlay, or split the screen.  Can I format the screen into two unequal parts?  An additional element is that the two video files and one audio file are unlinked.  As always, Thanks for the great support. 😉   p.s. I'm running VP 7.3.  

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One method would be to position/crop/scale, etc. each image - one to the left and the other to the right.

Place one image on track one and overlay the other on track two.  Then tweak the positional and size settings to taste.

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Try this...

  • Place clip 1 on the timeline.
  • Click the FX ...
  • Click the green + and select the Crop effect.
  • Set the X2 value to 50
  • Drag the rectangle to outline the portion of interest.
  • Click the green + and select the Position effect.
  • Move the cropped image to the side required....e.g. to the left.(Maintain the vertical value at 0)
  • Place clip 2 on the overlay track
  • Repeat the steps above but Position the image to the right.

Your videos will now play side by side showing the area in each that you have chosen. If you see a narrow black band between them just adjust the position of one of the clips a shade more towards the centre to eliminate it.  With X2 for each of them set to 50 both clips should fill the frame exactly.


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I'm close but not quite there yet.  I have a video file of a Powerpoint presentation and I want this to be the major image displayed in my video.  I have another video file of the room presentation took place and I want to just crop the presenter and place his image in the upper right hand corner as a thumbnail image.  I really don't want to split the screen, just overlay his image onto the video of the slides.  Thanks for your help.  PeterD

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Place the PP presentation on track one.  Overlay the presenter's image on track 2.

Click the fx button in the track 2 image clip and use the CROP|POSTION|SCALE effects to size and place it where you want it.

The background and insert should both be shown in CLIP preview mode.   Set the VIEW drop-down menu (under the preview window) set to CLIP AND BACKGROUND.

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