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How can i get Voxal To work with Xsplit

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Hi Raging,

  I'm one of the developers of the Voxal. We've not done any testing on Xsplit but from the technical perspective, Voxal should be able to work with it. Voxal modifies the microphone input so that any application that uses the microphone will have the audio modified. You might need to do some testing yourself to see if it works, What you should do is:

1. Open Voxal,  go to options and choose the recording device that you will use with Xsplit.

2. Do a preview testing and see if it works with your microphone correctly. If it is working fine, stop preview and let Voxal stay open

3. Open Xsplit and start a test stream, I've never used Xsplit so not exactly sure how you start streaming and what kind of settings it has. If there is an option to choose the microphone, make sure you choose the same microphone set in Voxal.

4. When the stream starts, it will try to receive audio from the microphone which should goes through Voxal, so the stream should have modified audio.


I've never tested this myself, but technically this is how it should be done and hopefully should work. Let me know if there is any problems, I will try my best to help you.




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