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Release notes: v7.02 and v7.03


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  • Fixed hamburger menu, etc. can annoyingly get activated by accident when using Alt to freely drag track-clips
  • Fixed possible crash when double clicking on storyboard timeline
  • Fixed image sequence clips and ExpressAnimate clips not rendering correctly, since last version
  • Fixed incorrect info displayed when viewing properties of a image sequence clip
  • Fixed speed change bugs on clip preview
  • Fixed speed change issues in narration dialog
  • Fixed small redraw issues on play overlay
  • New feature: save project as template


  • Fixed Radius parameter not saved / loaded from project correctly when using Spotlight effect.
  • Fixed duplicate thumbnails in templates dialog
  • Fixed save project as template failing in some circumstances
  • Fixed 'Use This Frame as Storyboard Frame' not applying instantly on storyboard
  • Various caching improvements and optimizations
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