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trying to edit a VOB file but the marker moves faster over the file

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I'm new to this VideoPad, have uploaded some old video clips from a 'family DVD' and trying to cut down what we have previously recorded. I can't get started on editing because the red cursor zooms across the clip. Also on another clip the picture freezes and the sound continues in the background.

I'm sure it's beginners error but I can't work out how to get stared, have watched the video tutorials.

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Some VOB files need extra information to be played correctly. Therefore you'll normally found there are some other files on a DVD rather than just the VOB file.

If you play these VOB file alone on a player, the player would probably try to guess the missing information and recover from error. Even the video can be played, there will be other errors like A/V out of sync or no seeking etc..

To fix this issue, we will provide an option to generate a new video with recovered information. It might still have issues like audio out of sync etc..


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Not sure if described above issue is similar to what I'm observing...  VideoPad plays only first small part of video, and then stops pretending it's all when VOB file has much more.  It plays about 25 seconds out of 20 minutes.  How to get the rest?

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