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Video Export is slow when multiple clips on timeline

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My Video Camera divides videos into 4GB files. 

If I bring in one such file into VideoPad 7.02 (MOV file, 720p or 1080p resolution) and Export Lossless Video (or any other that is supposed to preserve clip settings), export is fast enough.  

If I bring in the more than one file, all from the same video and with identical parameters, Export Lossless Video is very slow.  

EXPECTED:  Since all the files are the same parameters and part of the same video session, speed should be retained when combining them and doing a Lossless Video export.  

SOLUTION:  My solution is to merge the files with BandiCut and bring them all into VideoPad as a single clip.  Then export is fast even though the content is theoretically identical!

Details:  On my fast computer (SSD drive, i7 processor, NVIDIA GForce GTX 950M video card, latest Windows 10), it takes VideoPad 7.02 well over an hour to export a one hour video if I have created absolutely no edits other than bringing in the files created by the camera arranged in order on the timeline.  

However, if I combine the files in BandiCut , which can combine them very quickly, and bring that file into VideoPad, it saves it out in about 10 minutes.  

QUESTION:  Why does VideoPad take so much longer when multiple identically formatted files are being combined????


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