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Beep Sound when recording...


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I need the start stop beeps to occur, but don't want those beeps to be on the actual recordings. how do I stop the beep sounds from being on the actual recording.

I am using a 64bit HP laptop with Windows 10 Home.


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Hello, Sadly the program does not have an option to have the beep at start and end but not to record it.  This beep is the signal right after the program start recording and right before it stops and this is why it is always included on the recordings.  One thing you can do is try using VideoPad video editor to cut those beep sound at start and end.


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its weird, cause on my older version on my desk top, I could have the start/stop beeps but it wouldn't have those beeps on the actual recording. I upgraded my desktop version and rarely records the beep now. I should have left the desktop version alone,, sheesh. the only difference I can see is the desktop is running on 32bit windows. although it is 64 capable. The windows free auto upgrade installed itself in 32bit instead of 64bit.

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