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Blank screen during play on mulitmedia palyer

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No play issue on the PC at the settings you specified.  But, of course, it cannot be tested here on your standalone player.  That said, using those same settings the video file was burned to a CD and looked fine on a 51" screen driven by a Blu-Ray standalone player.

Suggest that you instead output an H264, Mp4 at 60fps variable, 1920 x 1080  which most closely matches the source file.  You might also export try 30fps constant or 60fps constant.

Report your results here.

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Tried all 4 combinations.  None play video on my player although audio plays.  60fps variable results in "unsupported format" on both my PC (using VLC) and my player.  30fps plays on my PC and results in "video unknown"  on my player.  I have lots of videos generated in 2017 and early 2018 with VideoPad using H264 encoding with various output settings that play on my player.  Something changed after that. 


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Your original file has 1920x1080 59.94 fps, your avi file has format 1280x720 frame rate 29.97, however your mp4 file has format 1280x720 frame rate 30.30 (which is not standard frame rate). Just use correct video standards values like export format Youtube 1080p or 720p and 29.97 [TV NTSC] in case your player supports NTSC standard. 

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