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Clip Effects not Working Properly

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So i am currently using VideoPad to make a short film for school and its turning out really good thanks to VideoPad!

However there is one re-occurring issue that i just can't seem to fix, and is really frustrating because it shouldn't be happening at all and i cant seem to figure out why it's happening!

Basically some of my clips simply are not rendering my effects for the entire portion of a clip. I'll play a clip in my timeline and the effects that i have placed with it (such as Vignette, tint and color adjustments) only show for a quick second and then disappear for the rest of the clip. This is a big problem because it causes the whole portion of the video to bounce back and forth from having the effects show, to having them not show, which looks really bad.

I could really use some help on how to fix this, as it is really frustrating to deal with.


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 Alright no problem, here is a couple quick videos for example




as you can see, the effects just simply disappear once they enter a certain frame. I have no idea what this is, and have tried adding more to the effects, splitting the clips with separate filters, and the effects just wont show. Really could use a fix for this! 

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You link to the result, but what's needed to run your project is the portable project itself, per the instructions in the link above.

Upload all the files that result after using FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS.  Then share the link here.

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Hi nate

It would be better if you upload the project files with the vpj file......Use Save Portable Project As  

It's a little difficult to see how you may have set up things from your video. One thing I can see is that the green bar along the top of your timeline is not complete meaning that the effects may also not be completely rendered.

Note If a particular clip on the timeline has an effect  like vignette, the effect should be visible in all the thumbnails associated with that clip on the timeline as well as the thumbnails in the clip preview window.



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The second clip you are referring to is not yet cached after applied effects (the green line is not applied there yet). Therefore you can not see yet the second clip view with the applied effects at the timeline. You may apply effects to the original clips (clip by clip) - the green line would appear faster and the expected results may be viewed (played) faster. You may also export the video in order to see the result in higher quality.

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