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Audio track not continuing with video

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I’m trying to complete a video with multiple clips with one music song as an audio track. The track is about 4mins long and I am about 2mins into my video when the audio stops when i try and add new clips. The new clip plays but there is no music. I had no problem until this point.

Any ideas?

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I'll start it off with getting some clarifications and pointing out one obvious possible cause.

You're saying you have one, or more, video tracks with videos, pictures, titles, etc. with just the one audio track?

If audio is always stopping at the same point, I'd wonder if you had split the audio track at that point when you were editing one of the video tracks and then the volume somehow got muted at that audio track split point.

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Thanks for the quick responses.

Miggy: Yes, I am trying to create one video stitched together from multiple clips, with one audio track overlain. Your suggestion about splitting the track at a certain point sounds as if that could be the issue as normally the song continues after the end of the last clip - how would I know if the track was split?

Borate: Am I right in assuming that to lock the track you click on track and select “lock track” under the menu tab? When I do this all options are greyed out and I am unable to select anything?

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Hi Nick

- how would I know if the track was split? 

Just look at the timeline...at each split in a clip there will be  an FX box/Loudspeaker /link icon and a blue line.


In the above image the Audio track is also split at these points. However this will not cause it to stop playing unless one of the sections has been muted in which case the loudspeaker will have a red cross...


If on the other hand you see a gap in the Audio track you may have inserted a image or a silent clip. Any gap in the audio track should be easily visible...


If the audio has been split and pushed apart for some reason (it shouldn't happen for an overlay) click the gap and choose to Close the Gap. With an unlinked audio track the gap will close up.


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If a song was added, then it isn't linked to the video track.  That said, to unlink simply right-click each clip and click UNLINK video from audio (or audio from video).

The "lock" symbol is among the icons just to the left of the audio track.  Locking UNlinked audio should not affect the ability to edit the video track.

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