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It seems that the autosave files Wavepad makes while recording automatically get deleted once the program is closed. Does anyone know of a way to recover these files? I had to record a 45 minute interview and I have no idea how, but almost the entire recording got deleted before I could save it. Please help!

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I would like to clarify if an abnormal termination / crash happened when you were recording in WavePad?

WavePad can retrieve the last "finalized" recording (regardless if already saved) before an abrnormal termination / crash occurs. But if a Recording  was still on-going during the time of the crash, that part can't be retrieved. (We will try to address this situation and try to have an auto save recording option)   

When WavePad is closed normally, if a file / recording is not yet saved, prompt will open to ask if you want to save changes. If the prompt didn't display, it's either it has already been saved, or WP has a bug. If you think this is a bug, kindly reply with the steps that happened to be sure we can replicate it from our end.

Thank you

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