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Trial version. To save file need to buy?

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I tried trial version of wavepad sound editor witch last just a few days. But I need not to edit sound, I need to record voice, because Im a journalist. So few days after I download trial version, I start to record voice and when my conversation ended i tried to save my file. I theres a table that says I need to buy this program. But the truth is that i dont need this program, I just need my recorded conversation. Meybe there is any ways, how i can get my file? or not to save but just to listen i trial program? Or meybe I can dowload other free program, to listen this file? Because now i saved this file as a project.




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Yes, you'll need to buy a license to continue saving your projects as sound files. This is to let you test out the editing features of the program to see if it would useful to you, but you have to purchase it to save those projects as sound files (which obviously you'd need to do).

I don't think there's anything you can do with the recordings you've made and saved as projects unless you buy a license so that you can save them as wave files (or whatever).

As far as free utilities: if all you need to do is record your voice for narrations, I'd just search for voice recorder, like the one that used to come with Windows years back. 

ETA: I was looking through Windows 10 apps last night for something else, and noticed there is a Voice Recorder there.

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