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Audio track 1: volume adjust doesn`t work.

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Not seeing that here.

Placed A/V clips on tracks one and three, and added an audio-only cut on tracks 2.  Each could be muted or gain adjusted with the slider at the far-left of its track.

What VP version are you running?  Here is the latest.

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thanks for your reply.

I´m using 7.0 since a couple of days. I never had this problem with my previous version  ( 4.14. )

Audio track 1, linked to video track 1:

Neither the slider on the left or on individual clips works.  Mute/un mute works.

Audio track 2: volume slider(s) are working


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A reinstall won't hurt.  Give it a go.

No, export isn't for sharing your project files.

Use the FILE menu|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT.  The zip the results if there are more than a few files - or upload ALL individual files (source files + VPJ) to a free server.

On that server, make the file/s public (share) and post the shared link here.

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