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Timeline clip overlay after changing length

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I just discovered a problem using VideoPad version 7.01 beta:

1. Put two random video clips into the timeline.
2. Drag and drop any image between the video clips
3. Drag and drop any image between image #1 and video clip #2
4. Click on image #1 (on the timeline)
5. Go to the clip preview and enter another length for image #1
6. If you enter a lower value, you get an gap between image #2 and video clip #2 (that's not really bad) - but if you enter a higher value, image #2 moves under video clip #2. So you have an overlay on the same video track and can't see image #2 any more on the timeline. You have to drag video clip #2 to another video track to be able to see image #2 again.


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Hi D


Same behavior in VP7.0. The timeline is not pushed along if the duration of image 1 is increased. (Try 5 seconds  > 10 seconds...Image 2 disappears)  I have reported this as a possible bug. The durations can be also altered in Storyboard mode and are seen correctly here following one another with the entered values, but switching back to timeline mode the second image is still covered up!


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