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Exporting to YouTube Problem/Question

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How can I determine what YouTube Channel VideoPad will export to when I want to upload a new video....there doesn't seem to be a way to change from one channel to another when a person has more than one channel.  Made a new video, tried to upload to where I normally upload the video to YouTube, but it suddenly went to a different YouTube channel I own.   Any help would be most appreciated.

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The video posted by support in no way answers the question.  I don't think it is good for Support to provide videos that don't even answer the question.  

I also have multiple YouTube channels and the answer seems to be that VideoPad doesn't support users with multiple channels.  You just have to save out the file and upload manually.

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Thank you.  I just tried uploading from BandiCut, and it asked me which channel to upload to. 

I can't seem to insert the screen shot here, but it says: 

Sign in with Google
Choose your account or a brand account to continue with Bandicut

David Bangs Democracy
FairVote Washington

I click one and it uploads to the right place.
But with VideoPad, it doesn't even ask.  There must be a slightly different way of invoking the Google login that they are using.

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Just export in Videopad like a video file in youtube format (720p, 1080p, 4K), then review the video and finally upload the video file to youtube via a browser. 

Anyway, you always would need to preview your video before upload to youtube. Many times you would need to make small changes before the final upload. 

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