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Mask Rendering problem?

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I'm having some trouble with version 7.0, I have a polygon mask that appears correctly on screen in the program, but when rendered to a file, the mask is distorted and incorrect.  It gets squished down and doesn't mask as it was showing in the program.

I feel like it is related to the source video size which is 850x480.   It feels like there is a mismatch somewhere in the render that is changing the shape of the mask.


Also what happened to the auto detect button in the render dialog in 7.0 ;_________;?


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I don't know if this is your issue, but there's something I learned early on that might relate.

If you're doing anything like moving an object, resizing, placing a mask - where it needs to be in a precise location - while your preview setting is at (say) a 4X3 mode, but then you export it to a 16X9 resolution, everything you did will be out of place.

So first thing I would do is make sure the preview and export resolutions are compatible. Your preview can be at a lower resolution, but still needs to be 16:9. For instance, you could have the preview be at the lowest 16:9 setting to lower the load on your CPU and speed up the editing, but export it to a 720 or 1080p resolution.

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Hi Zoey

VP 7.0

Your source file of 850 x 480 pixels has an AR of  1.7708. The normal frame used in VP is 16:9   i.e. an AR of  1.777 The difference is negligible and a mask (etc) set up on your source file should be to all intents and purposes OK in a 16:9 output. What output settings did you use? 

" Also what happened to the auto detect button in the render dialog in 7.0 ;_________;? "

In the Export screen, click the down arrow in the Resolution box. The menu should have the "Auto match content" at the bottom above "Custom". The first shows your actual source clip size, the second will force a 16:9 option.


Your source is very close to 16:9 and there should be virtually no difference. Provided your mask has been correctly set up, it should export OK.


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