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Enhancing video

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As we may understand this video is from Panasonic first NV-3085/WV-3085 EIAJ portapack VTR Portable Video System. 
This is an early 1/2-inch color video camera model Panasonic WV-3085 together with Panasonic NV-3085 portable video cassette recorder announced on 26 October 1974 at list price 1750$: 

Early video camera model Panasonic WV-3085 EIAJ portapack VTR:  
Panasonic NV-3085 portable recorder: 

Probably VCR format used was 240 lines or 330 lines, the expected video quality may be seen at the video sample here:

More information regarding the recording standards these days (page 21-24): 

You may only add FX effect (Brightness/Contrast/Gamma) with Brightness=-10, Contrast=3 (the video is very bright). Nothing else could be done here. 

The original video format used is 4x3 and probably it is already properly done (there are black edges from both sides and the video is approximately 4:3 format). Then the video may be exported in VideoPad at original format 1920x1080 at 30 frames/sec mp4 file. 


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Your file downloaded OK but I have to agree with Borate's assessment. It would be very difficult to get this much better with the tools available in most film editors. Having extracted some stills from the footage to experiment with I think it can be marginally improved using, as 007 suggests, the Colour Adjustements Effect, although my settings are slightly different...

  • Brightness  =  -35
  • Contrast      =  20
  • Gamma       =   1

The colour temperature (which is very blue/cyan) could also be improved by setting this value to 40. On the whole there is such a wide difference between scenes with the brightness/exposure and the colour that an overall adjustment to these values for the whole clip would not actually be successful. It might better to split the video into scene sections and try treating each one with the above effects set at values around those suggested so as to get the best effect. A very low sharpen value (2-3) might help in some scenes.

L-R    Original.........Colour Adjustments + Temperature...........CA + T + Sharpen


This should give you some idea what you might get. But the original, as a whole is quite poor.



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