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Where is Noise Reduction?

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On 1/4/2019 at 2:37 PM, Alex J said:

Thanks. It seems to work. Anyway, i hope the original filter will return. But thanks!

@Alex J

Are you sure that you manage to use vdf plugins ?.

As I reported I can't use vdf plugins from all 6.xx - 7.xx versions
Which version do you use ?

Concerning Noise Reduction , I assume that is was removed due to very very low proccess time .
I downgraded 6.31 only to test it but it was terribly slow.

Ragards Mike .


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Noise reduction is available in version 7.22 in the effects filter section....


It seems to work OK I de-noised a clip exported with the Old film  effect (minus shake) as a test. As mentioned it was very slow. Flicker was eliminated by adding the Auto level effect.

Here is an frame from an exported video  BEFORE Noise reduction


Here is an image of a similar frame from the same video exported AFTER Noise reduction...


Slightly soft but markedly better.


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