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Unable to Export Sequence


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This is a huge problem. Whenever I export a video, it exports the full files that all of the clips in the sequence are from, rather than just the little bits I wanted (the actual clips, and their place in the sequence). The result is that I made a 3 minute long amv as a sequence, but it exports as 2 hours of footage because it's using the full files that all of the clips are from. I am very upset about this. I just wanted to make an amv! I have tried everything, PLEASE HELP if you can!

Edit: I don't know much about what version I have, but I know that it's the free download (not a pro version) and it's the most recent version as of December 30 2018. Also, if you know of any other video editing programs I could use for my purpose...that would be very helpful too.

Edit: I figured out that if I save it as a .wmv file, it exports correctly...I'm still so very very confused, but glad. If anyone else had this problem, or has any wisdom, do share...

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This sounds like the same problem that Maverick898  is experiencing. :o 


Neither Borate or myself can reproduce the situation with the file Maverick898 uploaded as it exports normally with VP 3.62 . What VP version are you using, it's shown normally bottom left of the main screen and also what file types etc are involved?

Tested a sequence of several mpeg4 clips which were shortened with the IN/OUT markers from the clip bin prior to placing them on the timeline. wmv exported OK. mpeg4 (native) avi exported OK. MP4 H264 exported OK. etc. So it's a bit of a mystery. NCH may come in on this as I have filed a report.


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