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Speaker audio input affected by whether mic in or out

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I am getting some very good video with an occasional stutter with zero audio.  I checked all inputs and outputs.  Then, I found that if the Mic was inserted into the PC and detected I get _Total Stutter_ with audio squeaks.  The video w/ no audio happens only when the mic is not detected ->_Even though it is set to Speakers not Mic in the Debut choices_.  I brought the page size of one video down to 30%.  No change.  Frames are set at 30.

Some video are good with no sound and some look like a slide show of moments in the video - smooth -no Stutter just screwy.  I may have 2 problems, one audio and one video.  If the audio question is settled here and the video problem persists I will bring it up as a new post.


I have one perfect video...made on the free trial.

Win 10 64bit Dell inspiron

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