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Sudden constant crashes - seems to be relating to using masks

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I am suddenly experiencing constant crashes. The only good thing is that it gives the option of loading the auto save which brings me back right where I was at, so not having to redo a lot of work.

It seems to be related to using masks or possibly that combined with keyframes. I am moving a mask around an object every half second or so using keyframes and at some point while doing this, the program will crash. I submitted a report, but it suggested installing the latest version (6.32?) which I did, but still crashing.


Any ideas?

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Update your video driver if it's not current.

Try toggling the "hardware acceleration" toggle under OPTIONS|EDITING tab.

Clear Unused Cache Files under OPTIONS|DISK tab.

Shut down any other apps while you're editing.

Video editing is resource intensive.  Consider upgrading your PC if it's getting long in the tooth.


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Okay, I've had it with thing for the night.. I"ll resume this project tomorrow.

Thanks for the response, Borate.

I eliminated all your suggestions (I clear out the cache anyway, my video driver is constantly updated to the newest, I'm not running any other apps, and my system is a Ryzan 7 2700X so I'm good there) except for toggling the hardware acceleration off. I turned it off, but still crashed.

I mainly wanted to know if anyone's had any issues while trying to work with masks, maybe specifically while using keyframes. It's the only time the program crashes. It seems to be mostly random but it will happen within 5 minutes of working with a mask (a lot of the times while moving the points around to create a new keyframe).


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