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Why 32 bit

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Please help me.
I've been using the program for years, I bought the  the latest version too.

I have got a new machine (with a new graphics card), I thought will be the program 64-bit: and the program video export will be fastest 

Unfortunately, the program remained 32 bits. and it was not faster, please help me. What is the problem?
I did not see the effects in the preview ( i use lot of tracks, and lot of effects to my video) 

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A 64-bit version is in development, to my understanding.  The current version runs on 64-bit systems as well.

You should be seeing effects in the preview window.  Right-click in the window and lower preview resolution.  May help.  Also try toggling the "use hardware acceleration' item on or off.  It's in OPTIONS, under the EDITING tab.

To speed editing and minimize preview glitches with large files try the PROXY editing method outlined in the post near the top of this forum.

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There are a lot of great features in the application which I would love to have, but they are beyond the scope of the free version. I'm perfectly willing to make in app purchases for the functions I need, but am very reluctant to do so for an application that will be dead in a few months. The beta version of the 64-bit only macOS is about six weeks away. No pressure, but we really need this application to work going forward. Thank you. 

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Am I understanding the posts correctly? I am using the excellent free version of Switch on my 32bit Mac desktop computer. Apple have told me that a 64bit computer update is due to be finalised later this year after which my Switch will not work. Is there going to be a 64bit version of Switch free available?

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