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Recording on a track while listening to other tracks


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This is looking like a common problem with this software. How can it be so difficult to multitrack with a multitracking software? First it wouldn't play at all while my Focusrite Scarlet was plugged into the usb. Somehow I got that to work and now it won't allow me to hear track 1 while recording another part on track 2. Is this not the whole point of the thing. I chose this NCH Mixpad because I liked Wavepad - now I' thinking it was a mistake. Can anybody help?

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Here’s what I found after a days worth of testing.

if I record a track and then later try to export that track there would be old tracks seemingly imbedded in the mix. They weren’t there when listening to the mix before exporting but it showed up in the exported file.

I am using an XR18. I had to set my output channel to 17 and 18 in my mix pad audio settings.

Also, I had been using a template so I could use the same channel setting over and over. Somehow that mix got corrupted.

I had to start a new project. Then I learned that even though my drums were on channels 1-8, I had to record the scratch tracks on 9-16 to be able to use 1-8 to record the ACTUAL drum mix.

Then I was able to mute the scratch track and export the remaining tracks with no extra tracks in the background.

I also found that when recording I don’t want to listen to the scratch through the XR18. I had to switch the output to the headphone outputs from the laptop my DAW (mix pad) is running on.

This solved the delay issue as well. Good luck guys. It was a pain in the butt… but it is working correctly with no latency now.

Listen to your scratch track through your laptop headphone output and it will fix the latency. 
Hope this helps…




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