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Release Note v6.29 - v6.31

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This note includes 6.29, 6.30 and 6.31


  • Use speech to text(voice recognition) automatically generate subtitles. Note that this feature is using whatever voice recognition engine installed on the computer. The one come with Windows might not be accurate enough.
  • Can now apply(merge) template project to an existing sequence automatically.
  • Easily swap out applied Title Templates.
  • Export settings are now saved into project file.
  • Audio will be added to VideoPad from ExpressAnimate.
  • Replaced some 3rd party codecs for performance and output quality. This is a significant upgrade.
  • Allow to change aspect ratio of Border Effect.

Fixed (not a complete list):

  • Cache doesn't update when overlayed track is shortened.
  • Popping noise on audio transition.
  • Sequence Preview not smooth when scrubbing.


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